Report on 2021 UN Day of Education

Published on 10 December 2021 at 12:07


Inspired and guided by the purposes and objective of the Launch of the UN Day of Education and recalling the UN Agenda on SDG 4 and Targets, the Irene Menakaya School Onitsha and the Center for SDG Global Education USA will organize an international conference to mark the 1st anniversary of the UN Day of Education on January 24, 2020 on SDG 4 Education Solutions Initiative.

The theme “Addressing Quality and Inclusive Education in Rural Communities for Lifelong Learning” is dedicated to supporting the 2030 Development Agenda to realize commitments to quality and inclusive education, educators and teacher’s professional development rights. The goal is geared towards SDG-4 Pillars for transformation, training and learning  as a transformative process that aims to provide knowledge, techniques and tools to develop skills and changes in attitudes, growth and development behaviours in the minds of educators and teachers for community development.

The purpose is to rekindle global action on SDG 4 and Targets to establish significant involvement of community to education as models in providing solutions to education in rural communities.

The program will again create awareness on a call to action on SDG-4 and Targets in achieving inclusive and quality education to promote lifelong learning in communities across the world, especially in community classrooms.

The Education Solutions initiative aims to draw attention on the education, training and workshop on the SDG-4 and Targets and the need to educate stakeholders in education about the SDG-4 and targets while contributing to the 2030 Development Agenda. The importance of involving educators, stakeholders in education, student teachers and retired teachers is to address solutions to existing education challenges and gaps in promotion of lifelong learning within the domains of education in achieving SDG-4 and targets for the 2030 Development Agenda. Again, Education Solutions is further aimed to contribute towards the agenda for educators/teacher education, quality and inclusive education for lifelong learning and the Education 2030 Development Framework.


To further the SDG4 Education Solutions for community classrooms, the 1st anniversary of UN Day of Education will hold on Friday January 24, 2020 to ignite action for quality and inclusive education in rural communities along

  • Enabling environment for community leaning
  • Improvement of infrastructure, teaching and learning resources
  • Qualified teachers and personnel for community education
  • Promoting education through technology in community
  • Establishing SDG 4 Support  services for the less privileged in community
  • Reconsideration of teaching and learning curriculum in community on culture and language of the community
  • Clarion call for UN Day of Education Rural Ambassador to champion the Decade of Education Day for Rural Communitystrategic plan in commitment to the quality and inclusive education needs of the community for lifelong learning.
  • Strategies for  sustainable inclusive and quality education in community classroom

The outcome will create opportunity for solution to education and learning in rural communities while addressing teaching and learning infrastructure, teachers, and curriculum as well as enacting action for EDUCATION DAY RURAL Ambassadors and Stakeholders to address inclusiveness and “Leave No One Behind” Initiative of SDG 4 and Targets in rural communities.



Schools and Students from Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and Connecticut

Educators and teachers

Rural Stakeholders

Titles and traditional Stakeholders

Faith Based Organizations

Civil Society and NGO Working Groups at the UN

Ministers and Commissioners

Education Investors Agencies

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