2022 United Nations Day of Education: Education Solutions for Community Classroom

Theme: "Think Tank in Rebranding Education in Community Classroom for the New Normal”

JANUARY 24,2022


The conference will be held as a side event to mark to the 4th United Nations Day of Education on Monday January 24, 2022 at the United Nations Headquarters. The event is expected to have the Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations as host as well as have other participation  from the UN community.

The outcome from the event will work to

  • Develop an integrative curriculum on Professional Development for Teachers on Conscience
  • Seek assistance of the Mission of Nigeria and other member states in seeking support of Government to prioritize education in community and encourage teachers in rebranding teaching and learning for the development of humanity and teaching conscience
  • Seek the support of Mission of Nigeria to have a United Nations Observation Day on Community Education to drive the vehicle on quality, inclusive education for lifelong  learning and teachers’ conscience in developing humanity
  • Enact action on regional movement in providing education and training on Pillars of Learning Conscience and teachers for improvement of education in community classroom on SDG 4 and Targets.

Program Format:

The program will be held live in form of presentations, statements, and panel discussion.Education Stakeholders will be invited as panelist to share on their research experiences and;present situation on education in community classroom. The event will be under the hosting guide of the Mission of Nigeria to the UN. The event will be concluded with a get together round table luncheon at the Nigeria Mission

Date: Monday January 24,2022 Time: 10am -1pm

2:00pm-4:00pm: Get Together Round Table Discussion Luncheon at the Nigeria  Mission



Report on 2021 UN Day of Education

Inspired and guided by the purposes and objective of the Launch of the UN Day of Education and recalling the UN Agenda on SDG 4 and Targets, the Irene Menakaya School Onitsha and the Center for SDG Global Education USA will organize an international conference to mark the 1st anniversary of the UN Day of Education on January 24, 2020 on SDG 4 Education Solutions Initiative.

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